Keyword Research for SEO in 2020

keyword research for SEO: is it actually possible to get traffic to a brand new website by simply being smart about how we carry out your keyword research in this article I’m going to show you how I get anywhere from two and a half to four thousand page views a day from free organic Google SEO traffic to my simple niche blog let’s jump straight into my Google Analytics account this is the website which I started in April 2019and I’ve been able to grow this website since April 2019 over the past twelve months to get thousands of page views per day we’re currently running anywhere from two and a half thousand to approximately four thousand page views every single day you see a couple of abnormalities it was a very quiet period during.

I would like to get out of the way just in case you’re a little bit new to the online marketing world or to the SEO world so the first thing is domain strength let’s talk about that for a second each website when it starts out on the internet has got a certain strength associated with it generally the websites that have been around for a long time they get stronger domain authority and new sites when they first appear on the Internet they generally considered to be weak size now the way that this is calculated is it’s largely influenced by how many other websites are linking to this particular domain so each link is kind of like a vote so if you think of a website like Wikipedia has got millions of links from all over the internet.

Pointing to it and that’s why in Google’s eyes Wikipedia is a very very strong domain so to give you an example here are the stats for travel chrome which is my travel blog and as you can see I’ve got three hundred and thirty-two backlinks from 50 different websites that are linking to my travel chrome blog this site has been around for a few years now and I’ve acquired fifty links and therefore my domain rank so to speak dr is 2.7 which is not very high I have not focused on this website at all this is just one of like secondary sites that I’ve currently got let’s compare it to the link profile of TripAdvisor calm and Trip Advisor I’m sure that you’re probably familiar with this website one of the biggest travel websites on the planet it has got domain rank of 94 so Travel croc 2.7 TripAdvisor 94 and it’s got one hundred and sixty-two million backlinks from three hundred and ninety-nine thousand different websites okay.

So there are two examples of different sort of sites of the equation different extremes however as you will see during this article having a weaker website does not mean that you can’t get traffic we all start somewhere and you can actually totally get really good traffic even if your website is brand new and I’m gonna show you how in this exact article in fact tragicomic currently gets over 200 page views every single day even though it’s a very weak website that I have not focused on at all so that’s the first thing we’ll talk about again and again during this article the strength of the may the next thing next basic idea that we need to get out of the way is content length very important to understand that content length is kind of almost as important as domain strength.

Google actually loves long-form content so long content on a weak site can outrank short article on a strong website and I’m going to show you a couple of examples in just a second but basically, if you have a weak site perhaps you’ve just started a brand new blog you if you write a long authoritative content you can often outrank Wikipedia Pinterest kora YouTube and many many many other very very strong websites let me give you an example right now let’s jump into google and let’s type in a keyword for which my travel chrome web site is ranking.

So that we can check it out and sort of analyze it so let’s take a look at wara war facts you can see that’s one of it’s a pretty common search term so Google order suggests actually comes up and suggests that so it’s an areal term that people type in and if we look at these bora-bora facts as you can see my web site here is ranking on the 3rd position so travel croc comp you can see it right here 1 2 3 and guess what I’m outranking Wikipedia so if we scroll a little bit below and if we go to the second page we’ve got Wikipedia all the way on the second page of Google search results Wikipedia is number 12 and my website here Travel croc press tile is number 3so it’s totally possible to outrank Wikipedia one of the most authoritative websites on the internet if you do things correctly and that’s exactly whatI’m going to show you in this is to travel croc Authority as you can see here is just 2.7 domain rank of just 2.7.

I’ve only got three hundred and thirty-two backlinks however I’m managing to outrank Wikipedia which has got domain rank of 88 with 74,000 domains linking to and 6.6 four million backlinks, oh you can see the difference here 332backlinks 6.6 four million domain ranked 88 my domain ranked 2.7 so you know sometimes people are saying well my blog is brand new can never rank I can’t do this I can’t do that well you totally can you just need to do things smartly and that’s what I’m going to show you in this article just take a look here below as it says here weak site with long content can outrank Wikipedia Pinterest for YouTube pretty much any big website out there that’s just got short content posted on it.

so today we’re going to cover exactly how he can rank even brand new sites it’s not about building links it’s not about making your domain authority stronger which can naturally happen overtime what I’m going to show you today is how you can take your brand new website that you’ve only just started and how you can really start getting awesome traffic hundreds of page views a day thousands of page views a day if you’re patient to your blog so let’s get into the details of exactly how to do that so for the purposes of this article today let’s just use the travel niche as an example let’s say you decided to start a brand new blog and you’ve settled on the travel niche and now you’re thinking okay well how do I get more traffic what do I need to write about what kind of topics do I need to write about.

So that I can start getting traffic to my site not making money start getting some revenue coming in so there’s a two-step process that we’re going to be going through and that first step is you need to generate a list of keywords and the second step of the process is to then analyze that list of keywords and find the best keywords that have got the highest chance of success so here is the number one method for generating keywords and number one I mean just method one it’s not the best method it’sone of the two methods that I’m going to show you for how to generate keywords and that is going to be using seed lists this works in any niche, not just with the travel niche but let me show you an example with the travel nation the tool that I’m going to be using here as an example is a través it is a paid tool however the good news is that you can do this trial.

see it says that trial for $7 starts off for $7 so this gives you access for seven days it gives you complete access to everything inside HOF so you just pay $7 and for seven days you can use traps now those seven days is actually enough to if you focus its enough to do keyword research for the next one or two or three months and if you really have to if your budget situation is tight you can cancel your access on the s6 or on the seventh day before that rebuild from A to F sexually comes in and then you know in the future you can sort of if you need access again to edge refs you can consider possibly to getting access again to aircraft with maybe a different email or just by permanent access because it really is an awesome tool.

I’m actually not an affiliate for HFS I don’t get any benefit if you decide to use a trace as a result of my advice it’s just the best tool it’s the professional standard for the marketers for SEO people out there okay so back to seed lists what are these seed lists and how do you do them well in the travel niche these lists would be lists of places perhaps lists of islands lists of beaches lists of national parks and you can do this in different countries as an example let’s type in the list of beaches list of islands in New Zealand so if I type in a list of islands in New Zealand I’m gonna get a bunch of results for example here in Wikipedia if I open this up it will actually give me a list of all the islands in New Zealand you can see that I’ve got them here listed by size.

so here are three 33 different islands in New Zealand I can that’s just island and just an easy line I can do beaches in New Zealand national parks inNew Zealand then I can do beaches in Bora Bora I can do beaches in Mauritiusbeaches in other places you get the idea you can basically type in you can find kind of lists of all of these different places and then you can analyze them which I’m going to show you in just a second so generally I like to work in the lots often so I’m just gonna take these ten results copy them and clean them up like this I’ve now got a clean list of these ten names I’m going to copy them and then we’ll go into keywords Explorer and we’re going to paste all of these keywords that we’ve copied in and then let’s run this search in keywords

Explorer for these keywords we’re going to get results that look like this and then what I like to do on the left-hand side in air tracks is select the option of having same terms that’s actually going to give you keywords that are not just the exact match of this keyword but they’re going to give you all of the keywords that have got these keywords in them so they are variations so to speak and instead of just 10 keywords we now got 130 so as long as something has got North Island in it or South Georgia island or you know South Island in it it’s actually going to include things like North Fox Island so we had North Island but now we’ve got North FoxIsland alright and we’ve got one hundred thirty thousand different keywords so now that you’ve got this massive list of keywords hundred thirty thousand you can start applying different keyword difficulty filters and volume filters and so on so you can actually start analyzing these keyword results but I’m gonna come back to that because we still have.

I’m gonna show you a second way to generate these keywords we’re going to talk about analysis in just a second ina few minutes this was the first way for you to generate keywords using seedlessokay so now you’ve got like I’ve shown you a way to come up with multiple multiple hundreds of thousands of keywords in your niche now guys this actually works not just in travel niche but it works in let’s say if you’ve got a blog about baby products you would go for names of baby product manufacturers perhaps you know product names or brand names it can work anywhere you just need to think a little bit about what are the different lists of things that people might be looking for in my niche it’s the second way of generating keywords in the knee in the niche is using reverse engineering.

so here’s how it works to do reverse engineering or on a competitor’s website you need to type in a keyword search that relates to your niche so if you are in the travel news you might have been something like New Zealand South Island and that will bring up a bunch of results and what you want to find is you want to find our blog ideally a small kind of family or you know one person to person blog that is ranking for this keyword search term and then you’re gonna reverse analyzers here is a good example it says I am a lien so I am alien sounds like you know it’s a person who started this blog so here we go that’s probably a lien there who yeah it’s I’m alien, Adelaide, I’m 21 I quit my corporate job in the Philippines.

we’ve now got potential sort of competitor in the same niche and we might be able to analyze what her website ranks for and then we might be able to publish some similar content on the topics that she has published about the reason why we want to choose I am Alan calm and we don’t want to choose must-do New Zealand or Lonely Planet calm ease you want to pick a website that is kind of realistic for you to compete with you know you can’t compete with Lonely Planet they just way too powerful they publish about millions of different topics you want the reverse to analyze blog that is started by a normal person that you can realistically see yourself you know building a blog that is similar to this one.

That’s why if you’re not sure if it’s a personal blog or not the first thing probably to do is to open up the result and then just try to read the about page and try to find a blog that is sort of running just by one person okay now we’re gonna take this domain here I am Island comment we’re gonna analyze it in a dress to do that go into the site explorer option here and then type in I am island comma whatever domain is going to be that you’re going to be reverse engineering and after you hit enter on it it will bring up all of the information about it so you can see that Alan started this website around probably 2014-2015 and then she’s had pretty big growth and she’s built a pretty massive website in the past few years that has got quite good.

Authority and is getting quite good traffic forty-seven point four this is usually way too low you know not usual figures are normally two to three to four to five times higher so she probably gets something like 200,000 visitors a month I would say it’s probably about five to ten thousand pages per day I would say to her site which is really awesome but the thing that we are interested here is this organic keyword so 65 point 2000organic keywords is what she’s currently ranking for.

If you click on those inorganic keywords again this has given you all of the keywords that I mail income currently ranks fourth and once again he can start applying different keyword difficulty filters and various other filters 11,000 very simple keywords in us Google you know she also ranks on other international google engines and just like that by simply using competitor website we’ve come up with a list of awesome keywords. But now that brings us to the next step that we need to do how to analyze these keywords and figure out are they good keywords or not.

so we’ve now covered this method reverse-engineering generating keywords using reverse engineering before that would cover generating keywords using seed lists so now you know how to actually generate these lists of keywords let’s talk about this now how do you go about analyzing the keywords and picking out the truly winning keywords that you can use just write content even on a brand new site on Anubis site and start getting organic traffic to your website using just pure SEO nothing else no link building so essentially these are the steps here on the screen you need to apply a keyword difficulty filter you need to also check search engine result pages top ten and just do a little bit off and now assists on them.

I’m gonna take you through step by step exactly how to do this might look like a bunch of gibberish and it probably is but these are just my notes I try to summarize everything on one page for you so let me show you in detail how I go about it all right so the first thing that we want to do is want to apply keyword difficulty filter so let’s say we’re looking at all of the results for all the keywords that one of you better vlogs is ranking like here we’relooking at I am a lien dot-com or perhaps you’re looking even at the list of keywords that you generated using this seed keywords method as we did with all of the islands it doesn’t matter it’s, all the same, you would just go in and apply a keyword difficulty filter.

I recommend starting with seven to see how many keywords you’ve got left seven is kind of like the cutoff where realistically I find in my experience my blocks that don’t have a lot of links don’t have a lot of authority they have a pretty good chance of ranking obviously anything that’s lower than seven is also really good it’s even better if you can find keyword difficult two three or four but seven is a good place to start now you can see we’ve got eleven thousand different keywords that we still have with very low keyword difficulties of 4 to 5 3 etc.

so perhaps what we can do here is even cut it down to keyword difficulty of 5 just to go for really really super easy keywords we still have nine point seven thousand so maybe we can even go to keyword difficulty of four which are super easy keywords I will probably stop there key was difficult for is so low pretty much a brand new blog can rank for I’d say the majority of the keywords that we can see here so we’ve got eight thousand six hundred keywords which is enough to build an amazing blog and that’s just from analyzing one domain alright you’ve also got obviously other people’s domains that you can reverse engineer as well.

so let’s take a closer look at some of these statistics coming back to our list of steps we’ve now done is applying the keyword difficulty filter will now need to check Serb top ten by the way you might be thinking what does this keyword difficulty actually mean well there is a proprietary algorithm there’s a formula that a trev’s followed I don’t know the exact breakdown of what they take into account but I would say for sure they’re looking at things like how authoritative are the results in top ten so if we go let’s say we’ll look a bit closer at this keyword here HurtigrutenAntarctica.

If we open this serve result search engine result pages these are the top 10 results in Google right now for us Google will look at google results alright so these are the top sites in us Google that is ranking for Hurtigruten Antarctica and then look at the strength of the domain so how many backlinks are pointing at each of these websites how many backlinks are pointing at individual pages that are ranking thereon page 1 they probably look at how relevant the titles of each of these posts see this actual title here how relevant that is to the search query then look probably at the length of the articles a bunch of different factors and I find that generally, it is extremely accurate.

so we now need to check this SERP top 10 that thing that we’ve just dropped down and opened up my criteria is when I’m checking is I want to check two things one is are there at least two or more weak sites that are ranking on that page one and by week I mean they’re our school has to be higher than 1 million so let’s take a look at that so our score that I’m talking about is this one here they are if I mouse over for information on what it is it says HFS rank they show the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to the others in our database with rank number one being the strongest so what this tells us is that a website that has got a 1 is the best.

so out of these top 10, this one has got rank 102 all right so that’s the strongest the next one after that is23,000 so it’s like if you put them all into a league letter this the highest one-up the legal air is this one TripAdvisor combo you know no surprises there the next one down is 23,000 so it’s a little bit lower Cruz critique calm also sounds like a pretty authoritative website and then after that, we’ve got 160 1000 sort of were further below and then we’ve got all of these really weak webs are there’s 169 thousand but we also have a bunch of really weak websites 3 million 6.1 million 14 million.

so these are all extremely good science because any AR that’s higher than 1 million all rights like worse than 1 million lower below than 1 million he’s actually quite a weak website that you can pretty easily compete with even if your site is brand new typically like if your site is kind of just starting out right now you’re probably gonna have a are of about 150million but literally after you’ve got a couple of backlinks which acquire you know they your website will grow some backlinks naturally over time you will become our 6 million you know then 3 million in virtually no time just as a point of comparison my travel croc dot-com website has got a traps rank of39 million so it’s way down below and I’m still getting really good traffic to my blog.

so you know they’re just like a point of comparison for you to keep it in perspective that you don’t really need a very high h refs rank and you know also just to prove to you that you know like 14 million and 6.1 million you can definitely easily compete with these websites here all right so that’s first criteria where we said there need to be at least two more weak websites with a are over 1 million so that’s a check we do have them here in this example and the second thing that I like to look at is that we have two or more results on that front page on the top top 10 results in Google that have short content and short content is anything that has got less than one and a half thousand words so here is how we can analyze this.

I would just open up each of these results and count how many keywords they’ve got so for example I open this one in a new tab and then take a look at it and then highlight all of the content and count the words in this so you can either copy and paste this into Microsoft Word for example if you want so I’ve opened a brand new document here and what I can do is just go paste special text so based just text and then it will tell me that this article is 1942 words I can see here in the left.

okay so that one was for diva expedition I would do this for all ofthe top ten results just open them up one by one and count the number of wordsin there so I’ve just paused the articleand what I’ve done while it was pausedthese I’ve analyzed them all and what I found is that these two results hereTravel Weekly dot-com Donna you and Mandy that are you theyhave got very very short content so here is Travel Weekly so if I take this andcopy and paste this their content is just 200 words 199 words it’s a veryshort post and the second one Mandy Adventures if I copy and pastethis content just to count how long it is it’s only 671 words so it’s a littlebit longer so this is really good news and this makes logical sense I like whenthings make logical sense that’s not what’s happened like that but quiteoften it does so Travel Weekly dot-com value is a pretty strong website see ARis one hundred and sixty one thousand so it’s quite up there it’s pretty strongwith the short article just two hundred words this strong domain is managing torank on page one okay make sense super short article high domain Authority boomthey’re there on page one now the next website is Mandy adventurescalm is a very weak website fourteen million there article is three timeslonger three and a half times longer its 671 words and their ranking that’s whythey’re ranking below but because the competition is so low they’ve written afairly short article 671 words and they still manage to rank on page one this isreally really important to understand and these are the signs that you’relooking for this next result here number ten this chimú also hasgot very short content so basically these last three even four if you countTrip Advisor all of these websites have got extremely short content which isgreat news for you we have now ticked all of the boxes we’ve applied ourkeyword difficulty filter so we’ve applied a traps logic that takes out alot of the key words that you don’t need to waste your time analyzing now youjust need to confirm and most of the time results arecorrect in my experience.

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